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More support for our clients

Help desk

From now on all non-free accounts can use our Help desk where we will solve your problems and feature requests. We will try to handle all your requests until 24 hours and we will notice you on email about changes in cases.

Processing time

If processing of your model will take more than 10 minutes then we will notice you when the model is ready on email (If you have enabled this feature in your profile).

VectoroBox v2.0 is out!

Version v2.0 is now available on Google Play and App Store.

So what is new at VectoroBox application?

VectoroBox has been updated to version 2.0, which brings a lot of cool new features. Possibly the most awesome feature is the one that you can't see directly, the new Augmented Reality tracking core, that makes sure your models stick to your markers from greater distances and in much harsher lighting conditions than ever before. Another great new feature is the addition of 360° panoramas that you can view as if you were standing inside the environment. Great for those architectural visualisations of yours. Amazing for client sessions, previews and approvals. Also, you can newly take a snapshot of your projects directly in VectoroBox from now on. Go check VectoroBox out, it's amazing!

VectoroBox now supports more than 4900 android devices


VectoroBox is being updated on both application and server sides. It is not possible to use all features of VectoroBox during the maintenance update. The downtime shouldn't take longer than 7 days.

Apps future - augmented reality

T-Mobile wrote an article about the app "Domy Gservis" in their internet news and they labeled this app as "effective way of using augmented reality". This app comes from our hands and it is based on our service "VectoroBox".

We are really glad that our app can be use as good example of augmented reality usage.

The whole article you can find here: Apps future - augmented reality

Augment8 VectoroBox

We’ve developed a custom Augmented Reality application, Augment8, based on VectoroBox platform, for the British company pulse8 Graphic Design ltd. You can view and examine products pulse8 offers, which is primarily packaging designs.

Pulse8 Graphic Design ltd is a graphics and design studio residing in the British Hampshire. It has been on the market for more than 10 years with a broad clientele. They provide all graphics services for their clients, including concepts, design, web presentations, 3D visualisations, merchandising, ad items, print media as well as packaging designs.

The Augment8 application is freely available on the App Store and Google Play.

VectoroBox v1.21 is out!

Version v1.21 is now available on Google Play and App Store.

So what is new at VectoroBox application?

  • From now on you can login into application via Facebook
  • Front view is normalized to Z+ axis. Front view is facing to Z+ axis, VecotoroBox is in Y+ space.
  • From now on your models can carry a thumbnail, which you can either provide or take a snapshot on our VectoroBox website
  • If you have a limited data plan, you can disable thumbnail downloads to save some traffic
  • It is possible to display or completely clear the cache space your models occupy on your device after they were downloaded
  • You can register at VectoroBox directly from the first intro screen in the application
  • We've added new scale options for greater convenience of displaying extremely large or small models
  • For greater convenience, you can hide the GUI in the AR or Studio modes by tapping the screen
  • Sharing models/projects can now be done directly from within the application interface
  • Sharing models/projects via the QR code will automatically download the generated PDF to your device

Exclusive: Slovak supersport BRUTAL

We're proud to present, in amazing Augmented Reality, a Slovakian supersport Brutal, which prototype is being created by specialists near Slovakia Ring. More information, lots of pictures from the development and other interesting info about the Brutal supersport can be found at www.facebook.com/brutalslovakia.


You can now add thumbnails to your models for better visual fidelity. The thumbnail can be created directly through VectoroBox's web site, or you can add your own. This thumbnail will also be used when sharing models on facebook.

Author's signature

You can set your preferred copyright name under your account settings. This copyright name will them automatically appear in your models, so that everybody knows whose the model is. You can override that name under each model individually, which may come in handy if you made that model for a client or a different company.

Deeper Facebook integration

You can now „Like“ and comment on models through facebook in the new VectoroBox Player. Your models will get the exposure they deserve! And, you'll immediately see what people think about your work and what they like.