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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions. Please use the drop-down list button below to select a specific topic. If your question still happens to get unanswered, please contact us directly using the Contact form.

Subscription plans and payment methods

You will be notified automatically a week before your subscription ends. The day your subscription expired, your account will be automatically downgraded to the FREE plan. All your projects and models will be hibernated and thus unavailable. You will be able to access all your projects and models again after renewing your subscription plan.

If you have any specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us. This is what the Individual plans are for, they are always tailor-made for specific user needs. Be it if you need more models in your Projects, or specific animation needs, or if you just need to customize the VectoroBox application itself. No matter the needs, contact us and we'll come up with a solution.

Right now, the best way is to use PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account in order to pay for your subscription plans, PayPal accepts any standard credit cards as well.

Of course! If your current plan doesn't meet your needs, just contact us and we'll upgrade your current plan to whatever you need. If your current plan is still active, you won't pay twice for the upgrade, only the price difference between the plans. The next month you'll be charged for the new Plan according to the price list.

Yes, even this is possible without issues. Contact us and the next billing term you'll be billed only for the lower plan and your access to features will be limited to the specific plan you choose to downgrade to.

Yes, you can get a discount if you pre-pay your Plan for an extended period of time. The longer you pre-pay ahead, the more you save! The discounts are listed in the price list and the most discounted price is the per year subscription..

The Individual Plan is basically limitless. You can ask for your own design of the marker, your own, customized, tailor-made iOS and Android app, that we can distribute under your company name and accounts, without any ties to VectoroBox. You can even have all your assets being hosted on your servers, should you choose to. We can even implement parts of VectoroBox administration into your own web sites. Anything you might need for your e-commerce needs is possible. For more information, please directly.

Did you not find what you are interested in? Contact us, we will answer all your questions.

Supported devices and operating systems

Most smart devices running Android or iOS. For the PC version of the VectoroBox player, you'll need a PC with Windows, OS X or Linux installed and a web browser with Adobe Flash support. Augmented Reality is not currently being supported on the PC platform.

VectoroBox works on most Android devices with Android v. 2.2 and newer.

  • iPhone 3GS adn newer
  • iPod Touch 3rd generation and newer
  • iPad 1st generation and newer (note: iPad 1st gen. doesn't have a camera, so Augmented Reality won't work on that device!)

Of course even here applies that the newer the device, the better the performance of the Augmented Reality viewing.

The VectoroBox application for the smart devices is completely for free for anyone!

Yes! Just copy the link to your model and place it on your web. You can even modify the resolution of the player and customize it to fit your website design.

The VectoroBox application will be available on the Windows Phone system in the near future. For now, you can view the model in the VectoroBox flash player.

For now, there are only Android and iOS applications available on the market. The BlackBerry OS 10 version of the VectoroBox application will be available in the near future as well as on Windows Phone 8 OS.

Did you not find what you are interested in? Contact us, we will answer all your questions.

Model and/or project sharing

Every Project and Model has its own unique code. You can find this code after the name of each Project or Model. All you need is to share this code. The other party, after installing the VectoroBox application on their smart device, will type the code in the application and the Project or concrete Model will be loaded up automatically. You can also share the Projects or Models on the most popular social networks or via e-mail.

The link (or the VectoroBox unique code) for your Project or Model can be shared on the most popular social networks, such as Twitter, facebook, or regular e-mail. You can also generate a specific QR code, that can be scanned directly in the VectoroBox application for smart devices. You can print the QR code on your business card, for example, and show the potential clients your work in a very cool and non-traditional way through Augmented Reality!

Did you not find what you are interested in? Contact us, we will answer all your questions.