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Everything you want to know about VectoroBox

VectoroBox is a service aimed at anyone dealing with 3D model data. Be it individuals trying to showcase their latest 3D models, or professionals pitching their design or animation ideas to their clients or investors. Or even companies and corporations trying to offer something new, unseen and useful, such as product catalogues and design preview to their customers.

As stated already, the service is really for anyone dealing with 3D model data. Using VectoroBox you can view, review and share your models, fully textured and lit with anyone on the internet. Even with people without our smartphone or tablet application using your web browser of choice. For individuals, you can use the service for free with limited features, or you can upgrade to one of our subscription plans based on your needs. For companies and corporations we have a special, Individual, plan where we offer a custom built, branded and specifically tailored iOS and Android applications to help with your e-commerce, design, visualisation or pitch projects/products. Contact us for more details and prices.

People have been sharing pretty much anything and everything on the internet, including what they had for lunch, how they currently feel or where they currently are. Up until now, though, they haven't been able to share their 3D creations, designs, models and visualisations, securely and with privacy in mind. We don't want to create a marketplace for 3D models, we just want you to show what your models look like, either in a 3D environment, or in the most exciting way, through Augmented Reality! Imagine a cell phone manufacturer allowing you to see their latest handset in your hands! You'd see the exact size, the exact colors, you'd get the exact feeling for the object as if you were really holding it!

Right now VectoroBox runs on iOS and Android devices. In the near future we are planning to support Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 devices. VectoroBox also runs on any web browser on any PC platform through the Adobe Flash plugin, which is a de-facto standard these days.

Basically any 3D software that supports FBX or COLLADA (DAE). All that is needed is your 3D model to be exported in either of these formats and your textures be baked as shown in our tutorial in the Download section. The rest will be taken care of by VectoroBox after you upload your models. One thing to bear in mind is the complexity of the models.